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Discover the Best Places to Sell Crafts

Discover the Best Places to Sell Crafts
Quality Arts and Crafts Festivals,
Craft Fairs, Bazaars and Craft Shows

Want your own personal assistant... mailing you
art and craft festival, craft show listings, fair,
trade show and farmers' market information each month?

From: Shasta McLaughlin

Dear Friend,

Are you tired of spending so much time looking for quality festivals to sell crafts?

Is making so many calls only to find out the prices of craft shows are too high making you tired? Need more time to create your arts and crafts, sell them, and enjoy the profits?

How would it feel to get the basic information about quality art and craft festivals in your mailbox each month?

Want to know how to make every art fair, festival or craft show more successful than the last one?

Would you like having your own personal assistant making calls for more craft show listings, searching the internet, and mailing letters. Having them research, organize and deliver to your desk all the information you need to make your business effective.

Stop wasting precious time and money looking for successful craft events. Don't hear about an art show after it is over.

Know craft show prices before you call.

Have more time to create your works of art giving you more high quality merchandise to sell.

Improve your marketing, saving time and increasing sales.
Have more time to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Shasta McLaughlin Art and Craft Show Marketing Expert

Hello, my name is Shasta McLaughlin. I know how hard it is for vendors to find quality craft shows.

I have always been an artist and crafter. I was the one you would find drawing on mom's walls and on her notebooks in crayon.

I created crafts with my mom. She taught me to crochet and knit so I would have something to do on long trips. I crocheted hot pads as gifts for family.

My grandmother was a quilter. She always had a quilt on when we visited her, so I learned to quilt to.

My mom and I were always looking for a better place to sell our arts, crafts, or home business. We often attended art and craft fairs where we attempted to sell the crafts we made.

I watched as mom discussed craft shows with other artists and crafters.

We planned my home with a craft room on the main floor so I could accomplish my crafts and still be with my family.

I realize the more time you spend looking for art fairs the less time you have to make your crafts, perfect your skills, sell your product, and attend the festivals you're searching for. I understand how much time it takes looking for the best places to sell crafts, and better methods of marketing them.

All these things keep your craft business from being as profitable as it could be. Keeping you from having time and money to spend with your loved ones.

I have searched the internet, every newspaper, chamber of commerce website, fairgrounds website, city site, and bulletin board looking for craft festivals.

I attended craft shows and discussed shows with other vendors.

October of 2005 a friend asked me about being in a craft fair with her. We decided to put on a show ourselves instead. We organized and put on a show that Christmas. What a surprise to find out how expensive it is to put on a show and how much work is required.

The hours you spend looking for festivals could be used to do something more important like...

creating your product, marketing it, selling crafts or enjoying family, friends and life.

At my first Christmas fair a vendor had the answer...
Craft shows listings for artists and crafters.

In July of 2006 I began publishing a newsletter and have listed thousands of arts and crafts festivals listings, craft fairs, trade shows, farmers' markets, bazaars, antique shows and more.

Now you don't have to search all over the internet for shows or make hundreds, maybe even thousands, of calls...

to find out that most of those shows aren't happening this year. Don't spend countless dollars and your precious hours making calls to festivals you can't afford to attend.

How much is your time worth?

$10-$15-$30 per hour?

Let's say you value your time at $20 per hour if you spend just one hour a week researching and calling for more information for shows that's 52 hours a year.

52 hours a year x $20 hour= $1040 a year

Is your time worth more than $20 per hour?

Quality arts and crafts festivals listings, craft fairs, craft shows and bazaars, antique and trade shows, farmers' markets, and gem and bead shows.

I spend approximately 180 hours a year researching craft shows. It would cost over $945 a year if you paid an assistant minimum wage to do what I do. Doing it yourself takes your time from more profitable and enjoyable tasks.

Spend your time on tasks that really bring in the money.

Articles include booth etiquette, craft fair displays, marketing tips, press releases, checklists, book and product reviews, and more. Thousands of great tips designed to help you save time, make more money, and be more successful at the events that you attend.

I was so excited to find this answer to my problems and have been so blessed to be able to offer it to you.

The following testimonials are real statements made by actual people who were customers of The Extravaganza Craft News at the time the statements were made. They may or may not be customers of the newsletter at this time. These results may not be typical of the average customer.

In the last year you have been giving me suggestions my business has grown from a $100-$200 a month business to a $400-$600 a month business! Your suggestions have been instrumental in the growth on my business and without the growth I probably would have quit by now.

On the list of things that have helped tremendously, giving a discount to people who return with my business card. This cost me nothing, allowed me to develop repeat customers which has led to some very nice orders!! The original concept you taught me was to continue positive relationship with my happy/new customer and this has helped a lot.

On a different level, you allowed me to refer other vendors and show promoters to your web site. This not only allowed me to have conversation material with other vendors but helped me to get to know some of the promoters on a different level and be included in some different venues.

Over all, I have very much enjoyed getting to know you and have implemented several of your ideas to my financial gain. I look forward to continuing our relationship and go Hawaii!!!

Thank you very much!

Jeanne M. D. -Montana


Thanks so much for creating Extravaganza Craft News! The front page articles are always interesting and helpful. Keep up the good work!

Gloria D. -Montana

Listings of events saves me a ton of time searching for shows!



...Thanks for the work you do and the suggestions and hints you publish. I have been keeping all of the copies in case I want to go back for something I read before.

Onward through the sawdust...

Dutch M. -Montana

"I am a shopper of the craft shows and I receive Extravaganza Craft News to find where the shows are. If I am traveling, I always check to see if there is a show in the city I'm going to and then I plan my shopping around the show. It is a great resource for us, the shoppers, and I can't imagine a crafter NOT taking the newsletter. It just makes good business sense as the hard work is done for you, the shows are listing making your contact much easier and cheaper. Shasta has done the leg work for you, finding the who, what and where. And having it available online....another great idea. Keep up the good work Shasta and thank you for sharing the information with all of us."

Vickey K. -Montana

thank you for the gold mine of information. i love to create, but i hate to sell, i don't know what the people want, how to deal with them, etc. and in just those few paragraphs you opened my eyes to why i need the craft shows, and what to do with them, LEARN. again, thank you, and if you have that header page on all of your new letters, please keep them coming.thank you



I think you are doing a wonderful job! You put out a first-rate product that is more than worth the price. Nobody's perfect life is a learning curve. I am happy to be a subscriber and will tell everyone I can about your wonderful newsletter.

Renee D. -Colorado


Thank you for the wonderful service that you perform by publishing Extravaganza Crafts. It is extremely helpful to both show promoters and vendors. I hand out your newsletters and business cards every year to the vendors who do not know about you already, and they are always happy to receive it and truly appreciate it.

We run a festival day and craft fair in our small town in Montana. The event raises money for community projects and scholarships, and also brings the whole town together. By advertising in Extravaganza Crafts, we are able to attract many wonderful vendors from both nearby and far-away places who contribute greatly to the success of the event.

Keep up the good work - it is sincerely appreciated.

Best regards,

Stephanie L.
Fishtail, Montana

Shasta your dedication and work to both promoters and artisans is right on the money. Timely tips, updates, and good sound advice is what keeps us all with you and your publication. You also help in every way possible to insure that the word goes out to everyone when you come upon a special event, show, or a way to save on our marketing, sales, and supplies. Keep it up.

Jim Bice
Under the Big Sky Fine Arts and Crafts Festivals

Discover the secret of successful artists and crafters.

The Extravaganza Craft News

Extravaganza Craft News

Packed full of quality show information delivered to your mailbox monthly. The newsletter saves you time.

Including juried and un-juried art festivals, craft shows, craft fairs, antique and trade shows, farmers' markets, and gem and bead shows.

Show listings in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Craft show hints, tips and tricks, checklists, marketing articles, craft show booth displays and product reviews save you time and money.

All the Information You Need to be Effective
Simplify Your Life

Articles in The Extravaganza Craft News help you:

  • Stop mistakes that can get you thrown out of shows or not invited back next year.
  • Proper displays increase your craft fair sales. Save time and money trying out different booth displays, instead see what's working and what isn't.
  • Be informed of classes, conferences and free programs to help your business.
  • Discover pricing secrets so you sell more product and make more money for each sale.
  • Don't miss out on sales. Work smarter not harder. Increase profits for your business.
  • Find the best books and products to help your business grow and prosper.
  • Avoid scams keeping your hard earned money in your pocket.
  • Save time packing for art shows. Don't have to buy something you forgot.
  • Be prepared by practicing your craft booth set up, and packing the things you need for shows in advance.
  • Know how to send press releases, postcards, and other marketing materials to stay in touch with your customers.

I spend hundreds of hours a year researching shows and looking for simple ways to make your business more profitable. Put the time you save into creating, marketing and selling your crafts, and enjoying the additional profits.

Don't continue to miss out on precious time with loved ones.

Learn the techniques most successful artists and crafters use to sell handmade crafts.

Let the newsletter work as your own personal assistant. Saving you hundreds or even thousands of hours. Saving you money on phone bills and postage. Keeping you organized. Collecting all the information you need about festivals in one neat, tidy package and delivering it to you.

Receive 12 monthly issues of The Extravaganza Craft News
Email subscriptions are $12 a year.

Download your first issue within 24 hours of your payment being processed.

That's 12 monthly issues of The Extravaganza Craft News
for $12 a year by e-mail. That's only $1 per issue.


I made arrangements with Charlie Cook, owner of MarketingForSuccess.com to give you 7 great articles designed to:

  • Help you know what parts of your marketing are and aren't working.
  • Know the most effective ways to reach your prospects.
  • Increase sales without contacting more people or spending more money.
  • Don't miss potential sales by avoiding a crucial mistake.
  • Make your web site do more of the work for you.
  • and much more....

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Bonus 2: How to Evaluate Your Small Business Marketing

Bonus 3: Are You Targeting the Right Prospects with Your Small Business Marketing?

Bonus 4: When Is the Best Time to Make a Sale?

Bonus 5: Make Your Web Site Sell With These 3 Steps to Improve Your Web Site Marketing

Bonus 6: 3 Ways to Increase Your Sales

Bonus 7: Making More With Existing Clients


Answer a short survey and receive a FREE Printable Show Application Tracking Form a $20 value free.


Keep track of application deadlines and shows you're attending on the searchable event calendar.

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If you aren't completely satisfied with your subscription.

I will cancel your subscription and refund your money.
100% money back guarantee.

Enjoy more time creating. Get more organized. Be more successful at events you attend. Don't miss another application deadline. Increase profitability of your business.

ART AND CRAFT SHOW YELLOW PAGES™ publishes fairs, festivals and craft shows in the following states in the northeast: CT, DE, MA, MD, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, VT A detailed and comprehensive craft show guide for craftsmen, artists, food vendors & resellers. See sample listings on our website. Subscribe on-line.
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