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Art and Craft Show Booth Displays - Displays for your Art, Craft or Trade Show Booth.
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How to Display Art and Improves Sales
at Art Fairs and Craft Shows,
Antique Shows, and Trade Shows.

Art and craft show booth display
will affect the sales of your arts and crafts.

Improve craft fair displays
so you sell more crafts.

Cover Art and Craft Show Tables

Cover Art and Craft Show Tables

No one buys handmade crafts from a craft show display that was thrown together from the leftover lumber and saw horses in a garage.

Customers imagine the quality of your work the first time they see your booth display across the building. You want them to believe you spent a great deal of time perfecting the quality of your crafts. Spending time perfecting your craft fair display develops that image for them.

Customers imagine that your handmade crafts are of poor quality if the first thing they see is a rickety shaky scratched and dirty table and torn cardboard boxes underneath.

Cover you craft show display table with a table cloth that reaches the floor on all sides visible to the public.

Folding 3-Tier Iron Rectangular
Display Shelf
Folding 4-Tier Iron Sqaure Tower
Shelf Display

Don't Distract From Handmade Crafts

Don't Distract From Handmade Crafts

Colors for your craft fair display booth should be chosen carefully with your product in mind. Bright colors attract the eye from a distance creating interest and drawing customers to your booth. Up close they draw the eye too much distracting it from seeing the details in your crafts.

Balance and placement of colors in your craft show display is important. When choosing where to place colors set up an empty table with a few of your crafts on it. Stand close, then back 10 feet, 20 feet and 30 feet from it and think about what you see. What colors stand out from your arts and crafts. Those colors will add to or clash with the colors you add to your craft show booth display.

Add a colored table cloth and stand back again. Do your products stand out from the table cloth, blend into it, or does it just make your eyes hurt.

Blacks, browns (including many shades of tans), and whites are neutral colors and many hand made crafts will display well on them.

Alone neutral colors might be boring. Add a shorter neutral table cloth over a floor length brightly colored cloth.

Display Arts and Crafts at Eye Level

Display Arts and Crafts at Eye Level

Customers approaching your craft show display will most likely see only those things between their knees and eyes.

Use this space to display your merchandise.

Use different heights of shelves, tables, boxes and display stands to create different heights in your art fair display.

Laying crafts flat on the table is another no no. Use small empty boxes, stepped shelves, professionally designed displays, or build your own displays to set your crafts apart from the table and add visual interest.

Riser Craft Show Display Magnet Board
Craft Show Display
Pandora Rack
Craft Show Display
Waterfall Pen
Display Stand

Reduce Clutter

Reduce Clutter

Don't do too much with your craft show booths. Putting too many unrelated crafts into one booth makes it hard for customers to imagine one artist making them all.

Group like crafts together... for instance: selling handcrafted candles, put them together by height, size, color, or scent.

If you booth looks packed or is hard to move around in, either show approximately 1/3 less merchandise or ask show promoters for an additional half booth.

Remember craft show buyers like to buy unique handcrafted merchandise, don't display one of every size and color. Display one piece and carry additional crafts like them with you in your storage totes under your craft show display tables. If a customer asks - show them additional pieces like the one they are interested in.

Roxy Display Female Body Form Craft Show Lip Balm Display

Table Top Displays

Table Top Displays

National Artcraft Co. - Art, craft, and ceramic supplies for all your crafting needs.
Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

TradeShowJoe.com -Trade show displays, booth accessories, design and printing.
Smart Furniture - Modular trade show furniture.
Pedestal Express modular pedestals offers free shipping and prices start at $11.90. Make the best impression in trade shows, art exhibits and galleries. Patented interchangeability of modular components makes 8 heights a snap.

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Jewelry Displays and Travel Cases

Jewelry Displays and Travel Cases

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Art Fair Booth and Stand Up Displays

Art Fair Booth and Stand Up Displays

Pro Panels-Art Display Panels
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