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Selling Art and Crafts at Art Festivals,
Arts and Craft Shows,
Craft Fairs and Festivals
and Arts and Craft Fairs Online?

Know how to sell art and crafts at craft shows,
crafts to make, show displays, or how to sell art online?

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    Selling crafts is hard when you under price your handmade products.

    How to Make Home Parties
    Profitable for Craft Business

    Are you selling handcrafted jewelry, pottery, hand knitted scarves, hats and mittens, hand carved sculptures or furniture you built yourself?

    With the Christmas holidays approaching home parties are a great way to create immediate income for your handmade art and craft show business.

    13 Biggest Mistakes
    Artisans And Craftsmen Make

    Why Ask Buyers of Handmade Crafts
    What They Think?

    How Often To Post
    To Your Craft Fair Facebook Page?

    Got a Facebook business page for your craft fair business? Selling handcrafted items online using Facebook?

    I've noticed the more I post to The Extravaganza Craft Facebook business page the more my reach and talking about it insights increase. Consistency is also a key factor as when I don't post often enough or every day my reach drops significantly.

    Art Jewelry Forum Emerging Artists Grant

    Would you like to receive $7,500 dollars and public recognition that will further you handcrafted jewelry business?

    Art Jewelry Forum supports contemporary artists by offering a grant, the Emerging Artists Award.

    As well as receiving the grant their handcrafted jewelry will be shown at SOFA NY or COLLECT in London. The jewelry artist will participate in a lecture series and be featured in an Art Jewelry Forums advertisement.

    Point of Purchase Displays
    Sell Handmade Crafts

    What are Point of Purchase Displays?

    According to about.com point of purchase displays are:

    "Definition: Marketing materials or advertising placed next to the merchandise it is promoting. These items are generally located at the checkout area or other location where the purchase decision is made.

    Craft Show Booth Displays
    Retail Success Secrets Revealed

    Your art festival and craft show booth display is your retail shop.

    Sell Crafts Using LinkedIn Profiles

    LinkedIn Logo

    Power For Craft Booths
    With No Electricity

    electrical plugin

    Artists and Crafters Creating Through Grief

    Death eventually strikes everyone.

    Selling on Etsy
    How To Sell Handmade Crafts on Etsy

    A Word Fitly Spoken Etsy Shop

    Facebook Giveaway Guidelines

    The Steady Hand Facebook Giveaway Tab

    Help Buyers of Handmade Crafts
    Imagine Themselves Using Your Crafts

    Handmade Jewelry Display

    When to hold A Giveaway
    On Your Facebook Page

    When you own a small business the best way to attract customers and keep them involved is to keep them entertained.

    What Wedding Tradition
    Teaches Artists to Blog

    Wedding Rings

    Craft Fair Tips


    How to Display Crafts at a Craft Fair

    handmade jewelry to display at a craft fair

    Are You Using Pinterest
    To Sell Your Arts And Crafts?

    Who Are Pinterest Users?

    Pinterest users are generally young females busily pinning and repinning images of hand crafted works of art to their favorite boards.

    What is a Farmers Market?

    A farmers market is a good place to buy or sell whole organic food, baked goods and handmade crafts.

    Getting People to Buy Handmade Crafts The First Time

    As far as pricing your handmade crafts go you need something called a loss leader.

    7 Things to Consider When Licensing Artwork to Companies

    Ask companies for references of other artists they have worked with.

    Artist Stevie Sacs

    How to Sell Handcrafted Art on Etsy

    Susan Little of the Etsy Members group on LinkedIn shared this tip for making more sales on Etsy.

    Ever had a craft show that seemed like a total failure, like you had totally wasted your time and money attending it?

    Ensure every art festival will be a roaring success.

    8 easy things you can do are listed below.

    1. Send out information about the festival you will be attending by mail, email, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to your friends, family, and acquaintances. Send an occasional reminder.

    David Salerno of one of my LinkedIn Groups shared the tip below.

    Putting Links on Ebay, Etsy and Handmade Selling Sites

    "... your idea of putting an Etsy link in your eBay listings is a great idea and certainly something I would not consider "unethical" but unfortunatley eBay will not allow it.

    There are many things you can do to increase sales of your handcrafted art on Etsy.

    Magic Number for Selling Handcrafted Art on Etsy

    List many items (it appears the magic number is over 100 as many Etsy sellers state their sales increased to almost 1 a week when they got over 100 items listed), relist items often, participating in forums, creating treasuries etc.

    Ooh Lala Beadtique offers a great list of ways you can bring more traffic to your Etsy store and more traffic translates to more sales.

    Craft Vendors Don't Lose
    Craft Craft Show Sales

    I received calls from craft show vendors and promoters with questions about my craft newsletter. They needed information about the newsletter and asked how to buy. I lost the sale when I referred them to my website because I’m not set up to take orders over the phone. What could I have done better?

    I could have walked them through the process. I should have guided them through the purchase rather than leaving them to visit the site on their own.

    Need a Business License
    for Your Art Fair
    or Craft Show Booth?

    Art Fair and Craft Show Business LicenseHave you read:
    License Requirements for Art and Craft Show Businesses

    Starting Your Art of Craft Business-Legal Requirements to Start Your Business

    I also found these answers:

    How Your Art or Craft Business
    Is Like Playing Facebook Games

    I admit it! I’m addicted to Sorority Life on Facebook. It's a game where you do things like the girls in a sorority would. You must add a certain number of new friends every level or you are bound to be beat. You send your friends gifts and vote for them etc.

    What does this have to do with my art or craft show booth?

    You only have so many friends you can invite each day.

    Research Art Trends Using Social Media

    Wondered what arts and crafts are selling well at craft fairs this year? Need to know what colors are in style this season? Want to know if one neckline is more popular now than another, for your jewelry or clothing festival booth?

    Facebook and Pinterest can help.

    They have derived ways to make people tell them exactly what they like. With some research on your part on Facebook or Pinterest you can also know what crafts people like.

    Places to Sell Handmade Arts and Crafts Online and Off

    Where do you sell your hand-crafted arts and crafts?

    Do you sell crafts online at places like Etsy, Artfire, Ebay or have your own website?

    Do you sell your crafts at art and crafts shows, fairs, festivals, bazaars, boutiques? Do you license your art to companies or sell it in specialty shops like gift stores?

    Places to sell your works of art include:

    • art fairs, festivals, craft shows, bazaars and boutiques, flea markets (not a good choice for higher priced crafts), antique markets
    • local restaurant and hotel lobbies
    • local gas stations
    • small hometown grocery stores
    • libraries
    • gift shops, visitors centers, and other tourism sites
    • specialty stores including Bridal shops, flower shops, salons
    • Online places like Etsy, Artfire and more.

    How to Do Live Demonstrations at Art Festivals

    Artist Creating Crafts

    Want to do craft demonstrations in your art festival booth but...

    Don't have a helper to watch your booth and sell your crafts while you do them?

    Are You Pricing
    Your Original Art Too Low?

    Art Price TagPrice your original art too low-You are doing yourself and others a huge disservice.

    Pricing handmade crafts too low implies low quality decreasing sales. Don't wrongly assume if you sell crafts for what they are worth you wouldn't sell any.

    Simple Inexpensive Ways to Collect Art Festival Customers Contact Information

    Add Buyers to Mailing ListsAre you collecting contact information of people who buy your one of a kind works of art, why not?

    Collecting customers contact information is simple and makes it easier to make sales increasing profits.

    Here's how:

    1. Use duplicate receipts.

    Get Jewelry Buyers to Purchase at Craft Shows

    Found this fun idea for getting customers to buy jewelry (or any art or craft) at craft shows.

    How to Get Your Jewelry Customer Buy at Craft Show Event.

    Why Add Art and Craft Buyers
    to Mailing Lists

    Are you collecting the contact information of the people who enter your Art Festival booth and buy your one of a kind works of art? If no, why not?

    Collecting a customers contact information is simple and makes it so much easier to make sales increasing profits greatly.

    18 Things to Add to Your 30 Day Plan
    to Greater Craft Show Profitability

    I’ve told you the things I did on My 30 Day Plan to Greater Profitability and I promised that I would let you know some things you can do to increase the profits your art or craft show business receives.

    1. Draw a marketing map that shows how the people you meet at craft shows are going to move from cold contacts, to warm prospects, to hot buyers.  Include on your marketing map all of your sales tools including your craft show booth, your fliers, business cards, website, blog, social networking, advertising, and more.

    How to Add Art and Craft Buyers
    To Mailing Lists

    First read Why Add Art and Craft Buyers to Mailing Lists.

    Collect Art Buyers Contact Information

    Decide what information you need to mail and email your customers useful information that will encourage them to buy your one of kind handcrafted art work. Information that is generally collected includes:

    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Address
    4. City
    5. State
    6. Zip Code
    7. Phone Number
    8. Email Address
    9. Birth Date

    Today while working on my site I came across this information that will help artists and crafters be more aware of tactics thieves use when stealing our one of a kind works of art.


    Barbara Perelman of one of my LinkedIn groups had this great suggestion on how to sell custom arts and crafts on Etsy. I feel her suggestion could work any where you post your items for sale.

    " I do 90% custom knitting. I don't think many people read shop policies.

    You need to be a great salesman to make money selling arts and crafts. The problem is how do I become a great salesman without becoming the pushy salesman?

    I have to admit I haven’t been the best example of a good art and craft salesman. Why, because I was always afraid of being too pushy.

    How to Know What Crafts
    Sell at Craft Shows

    Determining which handcrafted items will sell at craft shows is a hard process requiring research and testing.

    Every craft show buyer will have their own experiences, styles, tastes, and needs. Other factors play roles in sales such as local economy, demographics of residents, other events happening in the area, etc…

    How can you know if your art or craft will be a profitable business?

    Determine if there is a market for the craft you’re making.

    Crafts that Sell-Selling Customized Crafts Online

    Karen Hornsten of my LinkedIn group The Extavaganza Craft Productions shared this tip for listing customized crafts for sale in your Etsy shop.

    "If you go to your Etsy shop settings you can Go to the left side and look for Options.

    Do Sales and Discounts
    Hurt Craft Show Sales?

    Sales are tools in your tool box used correctly they will only help your craft show business, used incorrectly they can hurt.

    Use sales to push undecided buyers into buying crafts. Does this hurt your art business?

    The answer is based on many things:
    Everyone loves a bargain

    1. You get a sale you wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

    Holly Sennott creator of  Kooky Critters had this great idea.

    "I have a large FB fan following and it brings loads of traffic to my Etsy shop and my website. I have not tried Payvment yet, but will certainly check that out.

    Recently I’ve been working to make my business more profitable each and every day. Today it occurred to me that I should share with you how I plan to do that.

    Week one I worked on catching up on left over unfinished projects from previous weeks to prepare for my 30 days of greater profitability. As usual I accomplished some of the things I intended to do, did some things I planned to do later early, and didn’t accomplish some of the plan.

    Week two I learned new things about my email marketing to keep my messages from being flagged as spam.

    How Working Together Multiplies Craft Show Sales

    One day my sister's car slid off the road into a deep snowbank. It was very stuck trying to drive out did no good. 5 guys couldn't pull it out using their car. They all got out and stood at different points around my sisters car, lifted it up and put it on the road.

    One guy couldn’t lift the car alone, but together 5 of them easily moved it.

    Selling crafts is like lifting heavy objects.

    Found this great article containing 6 Simple Tricks to Make Money and Beat the Economy when selling your arts and crafts.

    By Natalie Goyette

    It’s not always easy. You have to be creative with how you pare your craft show costs down. That’s what I’m going to help you with. I think there are 4 main ways you can do this, without sacrificing the quality of your craft, nor affecting the overall sales.

    1.) Buy in bulk – You do it for your groceries in order to save a few pennies, so why not on your craft supplies? If you are buying pipe cleaners (for example) and you only need 10, it might cost you $2 – because you are paying for nice packaging and the convenience of only purchasing 10.

    Art and Craft Show Booth Etiquette for Artists and Crafters

    From the perspective of both a show promoter and artist one thing craft vendors at art and craft shows do that bothers me is not including the legs of their displays into the size of their booth.

    Having legs of art festival displays sticking into the aisles and booths next to them is hard for show promoters, dangerous for customers and inconveniences craft show vendors in booths nearby.

    Art and Craft Group
    "Facebook Like"
    Exchanges on LinkedIn

    Facebook logo

    Leslie shared this tip on LinkedIn for "Facebook Like Exchanges" that are common in Art and Craft Groups. It's funny I had done this all over the internet and hadn't used it on Facebook.

    Parts of this 7 part series have been reprinted with permission from the article “7 Common Disconnects In Retail Business” by Pam Grimm of Ideaco.

    7 Common Disconnects In Retail Business

    By Pamela Grimm, Ideaco

    7.  No asking for the business: Not once did anyone say… “We want to be the store you come to for your crafting needs….we want your business!” There was no attitude of we want to impress you and guarantee your return to keep you as a customer.

    Recently I’ve been working to make my craft business more profitable each and every day. Today it occurred to me that I should share with you how I plan to do that.

    Week one I worked on catching up on left over unfinished crafts and business projects from previous weeks to prepare for my 30 days of greater profitability. As usual I accomplished some of the things I intended to do, did some things I planned to do later early, and didn’t accomplish some of the plan.

    Week two I learned new things about my email marketing to keep my messages from being flagged as spam.

    Parts of this 7 part series have been reprinted with permission from the article “7 Common Disconnects In Retail Business” by Pam Grimm of Ideaco.

    7 Common Disconnects In Retail Business

    By Pamela Grimm, Ideaco

    6.  Lack of service options: In many stores, customer service failed miserably. Most think that service equals sales explanation, however it doesn’t; it equals a sales pitch.

    Parts of this 7 part series have been reprinted with permission from the article “7 Common Disconnects In Retail Business” by Pam Grimm of Ideaco.

    7 Common Disconnects In Retail Business

    By Pamela Grimm, Ideaco

    5.  Lack of sales skills: Too often a salesperson could give information, but not transition the conversation into a sale. More than not, staff members would walk away with apparently no regard for whether the customer had actually picked up the product or were going to purchase anything.

    Parts of this 7 part series have been reprinted with permission from the article “7 Common Disconnects In Retail Business” by Pam Grimm of Ideaco.

    7 Common Disconnects In Retail Business

    By Pamela Grimm, Ideaco

    4.  Assuming not Assessing: When a staff person could speak about products, she often told everything she knew about it before asking any questions.

    Parts of this 7 part series have been reprinted with permission from the article “7 Common Disconnects In Retail Business” by Pam Grimm of Ideaco.

    7 Common Disconnects In Retail Business

    By Pamela Grimm, Ideaco

    3.  Lack of product knowledge: With so many products coming and going it is understandable that you can’t know everything about everything.

    Facebook Page Helps Your Art or Craft
    Business Know Who Your Customers Are

    Have you ever wondered exactly who your craft show customers are? Who to target in your advertising? How to find out if your target market is male or female, what age they are, or where they are located? Ever wondered who was most likely to walk into your craft show booth?

    Your art and craft based Facebook business page can help.

    First of all if you don't have a Facebook business page I suggest getting one.

    How to Setup Your Art
    or Craft Show Booth
    Facebook Business Page

    Does your craft business need a Facebook business page?

    • Facebook has 800 million plus active users.
    • More than 50% of active users log on Facebook on any day.
    • Average Facebook users have 130 friends

    More Facebook statistics

    Want to get your Art or Crafts noticed and mentioned by Celebrities?

    You know those swag bags that celebrities get at The Oscars,  Emmys, and The Golden Globes?

    Artisan Group helps you by getting your handcrafted artwork into them.

    Be sure your work is high quality as you wouldn't want a celebrity to pick up your piece for pictures and have it fall apart. Make your packaging exquisite as presentation can make a big impression.

    Difference Between Creating Interest in Your Arts and Crafts
    and Getting People To Buy Your Crafts

    To have a successful full time business selling arts and crafts (defined as making enough income to support yourself or your family without having a part time job) two things must happen.

    1. There must be enough people interested in buying your arts and crafts.
    2. You must be able to persuade people interested in your art to buy.

    How to Sell Art Online
    Take Better Pictures

    When selling art online little is more important than quality of your pictures.

    You won't get many sales if the quality of the pictures make it hard for the buyer to see the quality of your art or craft. Worse yet bad pictures can make the buyer imagine your art is poor quality because you didn't care if the photos were low quality.

    Taking pictures of handcrafted art is something that overwhelms many artists and crafters.

    Are you committing the Seven Deadly Sins that kill sales for artists and crafters? Are they actually deadly sins?
    Find out at Handmade Lives.

    What do you think are you committing these sins? Are they deadly?

    Recently I’ve been working to make my business more profitable each and every day.

    Week one I worked on catching up on left over unfinished projects from previous weeks to prepare for my 30 days of greater profitability. As usual I accomplished some of the things I intended to do, did some things I planned to do later early, and didn’t accomplish some of the plan.

    Week two I learned new things about my email marketing to keep my messages from being flagged as spam.

    Recently I’ve been working to make my craft fair business more profitable each and every day. Today it occurred to me that I should share with you how I plan to do that.

    Well last week I worked on catching up on left over unfinished projects from previous weeks to prepare for my 30 days of greater profitability. As usual I accomplished some of the things I intended to do, did some things I planned to do later early, and didn’t accomplish some of the plan.

    Here is what I did accomplish.

    Women Empowered Businesses is a resource you can use to help keep your art and craft business growing.

    They have great articles on taxes and tax liability at http://welcometoourweb.wordpress.com/taxes/.

    Help Your Art or Craft Show Customer
    Get What They Want

    How many times has someone trying to help you hurt your chances of getting what you wanted? Has someone with good intentions tried to help you reach what they saw as your full potential but actually stood in the way of reaching your dreams? Has a pushy salesman stood between you and the car you wanted trying to sell you a different one?

    Help buyers of handmade crafts who have an idea what they want, find it and sell it to them.

    Parts of this 7 part series were reprinted with permission from “7 Common Disconnects In Retail Business” by Pam Grimm of Ideaco.

    7 Common Disconnects In Retail Business

    By Pamela Grimm, Ideaco

    Many of you have contacted me wondering where I have been; as you may have noticed, I haven’t had an article in this magazine for several issues. Well, here’s your answer.

    Recently I signed up to do business with a big company and have had nothing but a terrible experience. They have however helped me to realize what good customer service is and what it is not.

    Good service is delivering what was promised, on time. It is realizing that as a business person it is your job to deliver value for your customers dollars.

    Good customer service is having a way for your customers to reach you regarding any problems they are having with your art or craft, your policies or your business in general.

    Well today I was checking the polls and there have been a lot of you respond to them. So I will let you know what the results are as they currently stand.

    What is the average price of your product?

    • 1 person answered $20.01-$30
    • 1 person said $100.01-$125

    What are the 3 biggest obstacles your business faces?

    • 1 person answered How to Market/Advertise My Business
    • 1 answered Displays
    • 2 said it was How to Make my Website Make More Money
    • 1 said Cutting Costs
    • 1 said How to Make More Sales at Shows

    What seasons do you do shows?

    • 1 said they do Fall Shows
    • 2 said they do Winter Shows
    • 2 of you do Spring Shows
    • 2 do Summer Shows
    • 1 only does Holiday Shows
    • 2 or you do Shows All Year Long

    When do you start selling Christmas and holiday merchandise?

    • 1 said I sell holiday merchandise all year round
    • 1 starts selling holiday merchandise right after Halloween
    • 2 start selling holiday merchandise right after Thanksgiving

    Do you change the look of your booth to coordinate with seasons, holidays, and other special occasions?

    • 2 of you said Yes, I decorate my booth for the holidays and seasons
    • 3 said No, my booth stays the same through out the year

    What is your average income at craft shows per year?

    • 4 answered Between $0 and $10,000
    • 1 answered Between $30,000 and $40,000
    • 1 answered Above $50,000

    What do you sell at shows?

    Note: I changed some of the answers to this poll so some of the answers are skewed just a bit.

    Everyone who knows me knows how much I love HGTV. This week I was watching Unsellables and Sofie Allsop said something that made sense to me for craft show booths. Sofie said that in order to sell our house we have to make it stand out from the crowd.

    How do we make our craft show booth stand out from the crowd?

    “Your ability to discipline yourself to set clear goals, and then to work
    toward them everyday, will do more to guarantee your success than any
    other single factor.”
    ~Brian Tracy

    How do you know if your craft show booth is successful if you haven’t defined what success means to you?

    Does success mean money to you, if yes how much money? Does success mean time to spend with your family, how much time? Does it mean working fewer days and hours a week, how many hours a week is success to you? Does success mean working from a constant vacation-where, working from home, quitting your other job, or having a really great car -what kind? Does success mean talking to 100 people and getting the contact information for 25 so you can follow up with them?

    Write down your goals for your handcrafted art and craft business.

    On January 7, 2011 I received this message from electric fence wire:

    “Thanks admin for sharing this and link back to http://www.xxxxxxxxxx.net website that can help people to know about an advantage of electric fence wire.”

    Why am I posting about this message? I am posting about this message because it is the kind of comment I get on my art and craft blog all the time. It proves that people are destroying their business reputations because they don’t know how to use blogs to draw attention to their business.

    Recently I’ve been working to make my business more profitable each and every day. Today it occurred to me that I should share with you how I plan to do that.

    • Day 1-Set a goal to do something to make my business more profitable each day for 1 month.

    Well before I use Pam Grimm’s article on the blog for the upcoming series I wanted to give you a brief introduction to her.

    Pam is a lifetime crafter but got into the paper arts business 17 years ago. She ran a successful retail and manufacturing business which had retailers seeking them out to help them break into the then new Scrapbook business. Ten years ago Ideaco was formed and has helped hundreds of retailers from independent to franchise in many different retail industries with their business development from ground up to expansion.

    Reasons Art Festival Customer Won’t Buy

    Customers won’t buy art from you if:

    • They don’t know where to find your handmade craft.
    • They aren’t prepared to buy now. For instance they weren’t expecting to see a handcrafted product they wanted so they don’t have money right now.
    • They don’t know what you are selling.
    • You aren’t selling what they want.
    • Your handcrafted art is hard to get, the wrong price or poor quality.

    Press releases are informational articles sent to the press. They are meant to inform the public of art and craft shows, and charity art events happening in the area. They are free and will be printed in most publications as space allows (so send them early and often).

    Press releases are a great way to advertise your art festival schedule and your craft product. A

    Craft Festival Vendors
    Make Your Business Card Do Double Duty

    I received an email from Give to Get Marketing expert, Joe Gracia, that shows how Mullen’s Ice Cream Shop uses their business card do double duty.

    The business card includes Mullen's contact information and an offer to their customers.

    business card with coupons

    How To Double Craft Show Fair Booth Sales and Make More Money

    Crafters all face the same problem how to sell more handcrafted arts and crafts and make more money. Want to know the easiest way to double sales in your online craft store and in your craft show booth?

    People want what they want and they want it now! Make it easy for them to get your items now and in the future.

    Sell Handcrafted Jewelry
    Make Your Booth
    Stand Out at Shows

    How can you make your booth stand out at jewelry shows?

    1. Specialize in something!

    Artisans can specialize in:

    * gold or silver jewelry
    * vintage pieces
    * bridal jewelry
    * jewelry from natural gemstone, precious or semi-precious stones
    * Western, outdoor, rugged, or nature jewelry
    * Silverware jewelry
    * Pieces inspired by any race or nationality
    * Beaded jewelry
    * remake antique jewelry

    Your pieces can be inspired by a place such as all your pieces having the colors of the Grand Canyon or your favorite mountain scene.

    How to Sell Crafts Online

    Artists and crafters learn to succeed at your hobby as a business you need to market your crafts well.

    Marketing involves engaging your customers in a relationship building trust. The most cost efficient way is to use the resources the internet provides us. For instance online craft stores, web sites, e-mail marketing, and more. Click here to read Reasons to Stay In Touch With Art Fair Customers.

    There are many benefits to hiring your children to work in your art or craft show booth. Your children will learn responsibility and business skills while your craft business will reap the tax benefits. You can teach your child about scheduling, work ethic, entrepreneurship, setting goals and accomplishing them to the best of your ability.

    Give your child clear tasks and hold them accountable for accomplishing them.

    The law is simple treat your child like an employee :

    1. Have your child do tasks that are appropriate for their age.

    Buyers at art and craft shows love to hear the story of the person creating the crafts.  They love to feel that they know person they are doing business with and that they are doing business with a real approachable person.  This is an important part of the trust building process that must go on between a buyer and seller.

    A craft blog (short for weblog) is a great inexpensive way to share your story with buyers at the markets, both before and after they attend craft shows.  There are many different providers of free blogs including WordPress.

    Creating a Marketing Plan
    For Your Craft Show Business

    People usually require 7 or more contacts with an artist or handcrafted business to become comfortable with them.

    A business plan can help direct your business in it’s advertising and marketing efforts, help you get a small business loan, find investors, apply for grants or scholarships, or even help you sell your business.

    A business plan can consist of many things but a simple formula to create your own business plan is to write a few paragraphs about each of the following:

    1. The history of the business (if you’re purchasing an existing company or creating a business plan for a company that has been in business a long time).

    Reach Your Art or Craft Business Goal

    Set a goal for your art or craft business, then set a reasonable amount of time to accomplish that goal in. Working on it a little bit every day makes it nearly impossible not to accomplish it eventually.

    Setting a goal for your

    Attending Craft Shows
    Isn’t Just About Selling Arts and Crafts

    If attending craft shows isn’t about selling crafts what is it about?

    It is about selling crafts and many other things. A craft show is about knowing your customers, building a relationship with them, collecting your customers contact information and following up with them, and getting feedback about your handmade crafts.

    You are missing the boat if you base the success of a craft show solely on number of customers you saw, number of sales or dollars you made there.

    Easy instructions for creating a website are located at:
    http://www.extravaganzacrafts.net/build a website/

    Use LinkedIn to Build Your
    Art or Craft Show Business

    LinkedIn connected me with many professional artists and crafters.

    I love when artists ask questions I never thought to ask, I learn from the answers they receive. It’s a great place to learn from those who are successfully selling their arts and crafts.

    I checked out LinkedIn this morning and came across this article on using this professional networking tool effectively.

    How to Price My Art or Craft Show Product

    Craft Show Price TagPricing art or craft show products is more science than art. Don't just set a price you think is okay and expect to sell a lot of your handmade crafts for profit.

    Cost to Create Crafts
    What does it costs to make your crafts? Include costs of supplies used to create your product plus a little more to buy extra craft supplies.

    Legal Requirements and Licenses for Your Art or Craft Business

    Are you just starting your art or craft business and don’t know what the legal requirements for your  new business are?

    The IRS has a Checklist for Starting a Business located on their site http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small.

    Also read License Requirements for Art and Craft Show Businesses

    7 Habits of Highly Successful Crafters

    1. Take risks-Highly successful people know you can’t get any where without some risk.

    2. Make quick decisions. They know that you can start out in a direction and if they don’t like the results they can correct their course and head for another destination.

    3. Don’t pass up opportunities. Successful crafters know opportunities don’t disappear they are snapped up by others.

    Follow Up With Art Festival Customers

    I apologize for my lack of posts. I’ve been establishing an email follow up system for my artists and crafters.

    Successful marketers keep saying follow up with craft show customers. As much as 80% of sales are lost due to not following up with prospects.

    Reasons to Stay In Touch With Your Craft Show Customer

    Personal Note To CustomersHappy Independence Day! I’m grateful for this nation and all the freedoms that we enjoy.

    I was writing to my customers, artists and crafters, wishing them Happy 4th. I realized I should write a quick note for every holiday and include them in my auto-responders (I can set the day they go out so they will deliver automatically).

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