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Selling Art and Crafts at Art Festivals,
Arts and Craft Shows,
Craft Fairs and Festivals
and Arts and Craft Fairs Online?

Know how to sell art and crafts at craft shows,
crafts to make, show displays, or how to sell art online?

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    10 Things to Take to Art Fairs and Craft Shows

    Taking the essentials to art and craft shows is well.

    Art and Craft Show Display Risers

    Looking for portable risers to add height to craft show displays?

    Power For Craft Booths
    With No Electricity

    electrical plugin

    Instant Craft Show Booth

    Packaging Your Craft Show Products

    Need ideas for packaging crafts at craft fairs?

    Packaging crafts has always been a simple concept to me it never occurred to me to share. This wonderful post inspired me to share this packaging idea. Most scrapbookers and rubber stampers probably use this concept already. How many of you have thought to use it to package your handcrafted arts and crafts for sale?

    Craft Show Canopies are a Weighty Issue

    Weather can really affect how your outdoor craft show goes. Wind, rain, and sun are all considerations.

    A plastic cover and tarps can be put on sides of craft show canopies in case of rain. Weights for all four canopy corners are necessary, don’t count on driving tent stakes into the ground at most shows. Considering the overall weight is important as you must be able to lift them.

    Versatile Shelving Makes Professional
    Craft Show Booth Display Easy

    Make your craft show booth more professional-the key is portability, ease of set up and clean professional look.

    I wanted to share this versatile shelving system from Candy Concepts.

    The supports and shelves can be set-up in any configuration. Supports can be set up further apart or closer together, facing or away from each other. Shelves can be added at several heights to bring your crafts up to your customers eye level and add interest to your display.

    Make Your Craft Show Display
    Stand Out From The Crowd

    By Amrendra Singh

    If you have decided to try your hand at setting up at craft shows, festivals, or flea markets, then you’ll need to have the right craft show display to make your wares stand apart from the rest. This is especially important if you are selling something like jewelry or any other staple craft show item.

    Folding Shelves Make Portable
    Craft Show Display Easy and Professional

    portable craft show display shelving

    10 Things to Take
    to Art and Craft Shows

    Things to Take To Art Show ListTaking essentials to art and craft shows is well… essential (excuse the pun). Take these 10 things to art and craft shows your experience will be much more pleasant.

    1. Enough merchandise-Take more merchandise than you can sell.

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