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Selling Art and Crafts at Art Festivals,
Arts and Craft Shows,
Craft Fairs and Festivals
and Arts and Craft Fairs Online?

Know how to sell art and crafts at craft shows,
crafts to make, show displays, or how to sell art online?

License Requirements
for Art and Craft Show Businesses

Art and Craft Show Business License Is a license required for your art and craft show booth, art and craft show, or online art and craft business?

It depends on your city, county, and state. Every city, county and state creates their own rules and regulations regarding business licenses and special event permits etc. Each location has it’s own rules on tax collection at art and craft shows.

How do you know if you need a business license or special event permit for your craft business? Call your city offices and ask what department handles business licenses and special event permits. Type your city, county, state and the keywords business license requirements or special events permits into a search engine.

My business is outside city limits so my city won’t issue me a business license. My county and state don’t require business licenses for my type of craft business. I visited a neighboring city and was issued a business license.

You will need a business license to buy wholesale. You benefit from a business license even if one isn't required.

Register your business with your state as a DBA (Doing Business As) this allows you to get a business checking account which will make doing taxes so much easier.

Visit the State Resources page at Extravaganza Craft Productions for more information if you live in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, or South Dakota.

Know the requirements for your city, county or state and live in the areas mentioned above?

Comment below with the address, phone number and website of places artists and crafters can contact for more information. I will add it to the State Resources page to help other crafters in your area.

Business Liscense Requirements for Craft ShowsStart Your Art or Craft Show Business The Right Way-The Legal Way!
Starting Your Art of Craft Business-Legal Requirements to Start Your Business

Art Fair and Craft Show Business License Requirements

Shasta McLaughlin Art Festival ExpertArt Fair and Craft Festival Expert

Shasta McLaughlin provides articles, hints and tips, checklists and more for artists and crafters that sell handcrafted products who want to save time looking for shows, packing for fairs, and get more sales at festivals.

Now she is revealing how to collect your customers contact information, follow up with them and make more money while working less.

Go to http://www.extravaganzacrafts.com to get her newsletter, The Extravaganza Craft News, that will help you avoid mistakes, save time and money when preparing your craft show booth.



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