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Selling Art and Crafts at Art Festivals,
Arts and Craft Shows,
Craft Fairs and Festivals
and Arts and Craft Fairs Online?

Know how to sell art and crafts at craft shows,
crafts to make, show displays, or how to sell art online?

Handcrafted JewelryCraft Show Booth
Jewelry Display Options

Handmade jewelry is one of the easiest arts to create and the hardest to sell. There is much competition among jewelry artists.

Buyers of jewelry are highly individualized-everyone buys handcrafted jewelry they like. Buyers prefer one type of jewelry over others. Each buyer has their own taste.

Have a sign telling buyers exactly what you offer them. Your business name on your sign doesn’t attract buyers as well as telling them exactly what you offer. Selling kids jewelry, oriental jewelry, ancient Chinese jewelry, Native American beaded jewelry, western jewelry, or vintage jewelry? Tell the buyers, be specific include the materials you use.

Professional displays are very important to show sales.

Unique jewelry displays attract buyers while showing off your handcrafted jewelry well. Use driftwood, elk or deer antlers to hang handmade jewelry from or drape jewelry over cowboy hats if it's western style.

Think carefully about how the color of displays affect the way buyers see your jewelry. Most jewelry displays well against a black background which usually looks professional and clean.

I’ve seen wooden drawer dividers (or deep picture frames) filled with rice, beans, or split peas to fancy wrought iron displays.

Your jewelry booth display needs depth to draw buyers to the booth. Don’t just lay jewelry flat on the display table.

A site with jewelry display and boxing ideas is http://www.jewelrydisplay.com/

What are your favorite jewelry display ideas and sites?

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Shasta McLaughlin Art Festival ExpertArt Festival and Craft Show Expert

Shasta McLaughlin provides articles, hints and tips, checklists and more for artists and crafters that sell handmade crafts who want to save time looking for shows, packing for fairs, and get more sales at festivals.

Now she is revealing how to collect your customers contact information, follow up with them and make more money while working less.

Go to http://www.extravaganzacrafts.net to get her newsletter. The Extravaganza Craft News, will help you avoid mistakes, and save time and money when preparing your craft show booth.

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