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Craft Show Canopies are a Weighty Issue

Weather can really affect how your outdoor craft show goes. Wind, rain, and sun are all considerations.

A plastic cover and tarps can be put on sides of craft show canopies in case of rain. Weights for all four canopy corners are necessary, don’t count on driving tent stakes into the ground at most shows. Considering the overall weight is important as you must be able to lift them.

Examples of home made canopy weights are: small buckets with PVC pipe in them then filled with concrete, or a piece of PVC pipe filled with concrete. With all weights safety must be considered be sure weights are firmly attached to canopy not swinging in the wind and paint them bright orange so they can be seen.  Make sure containers used are sturdy enough to hold the weight inside before using. Check manufacturers recommended weight and use enough weight that your tent doesn't go any where in a brisk wind

How to make home made bucket canopy weights:
Put length of PVC pipe over bottom of canopy pipe. Drill holes in the PVC pipe and the canopy pipe at the same time (so holes will align). Mark canopy pole and PVC pipe with colored paint or electrical tape so each of the four corners is a different color. Repeat for each corner. Put PVC pipe (hole up) in small plastic bucket fill the bucket with concrete being careful to keep the concrete outside the PVC pipe and below the holes. Let dry. Place these on the ground slide in canopy poles. Line up holes, slide screws through and place a nut firmly on the end.

How to make PVC canopy weights:
A short length of PVC pipe filled with concrete can be made by drilling a hole through a pvc cap and threading through an eye loop. Glue the pvc caps on one end of the pipe.

Carefully fill the pipe with concrete, be sure the eye loop is secured into concrete. Let dry then glue on pvc cap on other end. String a sturdy rope through the holes and tie a secure knot. Hang these on the corners of your canopy.

See pictures of these weights at http://pinterest.com/pin/112167846940146197/

You can also:
Fill an empty milk jug or brightly colored laundry detergent bottle with sand. Thread a rope through the handle and tie knot tightly. Hang on the corners of your canopy.

Gallon jugs of water can be used as home made weights. Take empty jugs and fill with water at the event for ease of packing and carrying. The handle of the jug makes a natural place to tie to the canopy.
-Family Comforts

Do you have ideas for craft show canopy weights or pictures of how to make them?

Send us pictures of your weights by email and we will share them with our readers including links back to your store, social networking and more.

Don't forget there are many things you need to take to art and craft shows besides canopies. Click here to read 10 Things to Take to Art and Craft Shows.

Art and Craft Show Expert Shasta McLaughlin provides articles, hints and tips, checklists and more for artists and crafters that sell handcrafted products who want to save time looking for shows, packing for fairs, and get more sales at festivals. Now she is revealing how to collect your customers contact information, follow up with them and make more money while working less. Go to http://www.extravaganzacrafts.net to get her newsletter, The Extravaganza Craft News, that will help you avoid mistakes, save time and money when preparing your craft show booth.

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